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When working with heavy weights, stability and smooth motion is the name of the game!

I got the KONOVA K7 Slider and checked it. I plugged my rig Blackmagic MFT with Nikon 24-7- 2.8 lens with follow-focus system, a Beachtek DXA-BMD, a Rode shotgun and the Cineroid EVF4MSS to the Manfrotto 3 Way Head and than straight to the K7 (all together about 9 kg).

I must say that the K7 is one league over the other sliders of Konova! When it comes to heavy weights, this is the tool to work with!
The K7 is very smooth, steady and flowing naturally.
In terms of equipment – the most important thing for me on location is the safety of the equipment! The K7 gives you full confidence to take the shot in a variety of options. It is designed to deal with HEAVY METAL!

No doubt this is one of my best tools in my tool box.

Blackmagic MFT & Nikon D800
Resolve 11 + CS6
music by Jeffrey Peterson Hybrid trailer AudioJungle

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