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Ray is small in physical stature – roughly 120 pounds dripping wet –
but he manages to bend and shape large pieces of heavy metal by virtue
of talent, experience, and at times, sheer will. He may be quick to
dismiss the complexity or difficulty of what he does, but don’t let
him fool you; his finished pieces are the monumental accomplishments
of a modest man.

When we sat down and thought about how we wanted to approach creating
Ray’s artist profile film, one of the most important considerations
for us was to “do justice” to his work and his passion. We knew we had
to create something that at least matched his attention to detail and
commitment to making beautiful, emotive work. We wanted to make sure
that someone clear across the country (or clear across the world)
could fully appreciate Ray’s craft by virtue of ours.

To that end, we elected to produce Ray’s story with the Blackmagic
Cinema Camera. Everything was shot in 2.5k raw and meticulously color
graded in Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe After Effects CS6. It required
careful planning, careful shooting, and a commitment to go through a
complex post-production process. In short, it required from us
everything that Ray’s work requires of him. There is nothing “off the
shelf” or prepackaged about this artist profile film, and we wouldn’t
have it any other way.

Shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Canon 35mm f1.4L, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
Music licensed by The Music Bed

      • Tutto Metal Design :: Artist Profile


BMCC 2K, Documentary

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