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To get the most out of your Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Blackmagic Production Camera, you’re going to want to make it easier to grasp and accessorize it.

The TriFly features 2 Grips and a Top Handle to ensure a steady grasp. Its 15mm Rails will allow you to incorporate a Matte Box, Follow Focus and/or an External Power Solution. There are also several 1/4-20″ Accessory Mounting Points for audio, lighting or monitoring solutions. The TriFly features a vented baseplate, designed to align with the vent holes on the bottom of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, as well as a Tripod Mounting Plate, which will allow you to attach your rig to a Tripod.

Lightweight, compact and fully modular, the TriFly will allow you to fully utilize your Blackmagic Cinema Camera and/or Production Camera 4K.
For more information visit ikan ELE-TRIFLY: Tri-Fly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig

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