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Ever since I received my Blackmagic Pocket camera and started shooting with it, I realised an LCD viewfinder was essential. The screen of the pocket is fairly big, but when it comes to shooting outdoor it can be difficult to see what’s going on, especially on bright sunny days. There are a few electronic options out there like the Alphatron EVF, but for me it is essential to keep my pocket kit as compact as possible.

Like many of you, I started shooting with a Canon DSLR. I quickly understood the importance of having an LCD viewfinder to be able to focus as accurately as possible. As we all know,  there is nothing worst than a shot out of focus.

I looked at the market leader zacuto’s z-finder, but I was reluctant to spend too much money since I had already spent a fair bit on the body and lenses. There was also the Houdloope viewfinder however its rubber band solution and lower magnification put me off.

After spending sometime lurking around on the good old Cinema5d forums, I discovered the LCDVF viewfinder which was being developed by Tõnis Liivamägi in Estonia. I was probably one of the first person to order it, and Tõnis went the extra mile to make sure I received it on time for a shoot. This option didn’t offer diopter correction, unlike the z-finder, but that wasn’t an issue for me as I have a good eyesight.

The LCDVF is also slimmer, longer and lighter. The magnet system was a concern in the beginning, but it has proven to be a really clever system. It immediately became the most important component of my DSLR kit.

Fast forward 4 years and Tõnis company, Kinotehnik is now a recognised company in the industry. When searching for a viewfinder solution for the pocket camera, I was very glad to see that Kinotehnik was about to release the LCDVF BM. It has been designed to fit the pocket screen perfectly and offers an optional diopter lens kit if you need it.

The LCDVF BM comes with 2 mounting frames, eyecushion, neoprene pouch, cleaning cloth and a Lanyard.

The scary bit of mounting the frame. It’s all in the manual, but essentially practice a few times before attaching it and turn on the screen to see the limits clearly. The frame is very thin and it won’t really bother you once attached.

The retail price is €119 (US$159), so the same as the other models “LCDVF 3C” and “LCDVF 4N”. Based on my previous experience with the LCDVF and at this price point, LCDVF BM is the chosen one.

If you are in the US you can buy it from B&H, for everyone else I would recommend purchasing directly from their website.


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