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A joint production with Slashcam in Berlin this shootout is designed for those with 2.5K displays or pixel peepers to download the original footage and view it at 100%.

2.5K display means 2560×1440 Apple Thunderbolt Display, Dell U2711 or the new MacBook Pro Retina.

Later I will make a 1080p version available but it is absolutely necessary first to see what a huge step up from 1080p 2.5K raw really is.

For 1080p users this video will play full screen, but 2.5K will be downscaled to 1080p and the 1080p DSLRs will have black borders. This simulates using a 2.5K display and gives you a very good sense of the resolution difference but you may want to download the 2.5K original and zoom into it at 100% 1:1 pixel level to see some of the artefacts in the 1080p images, in particular one camera which was a total disaster – all revealed on the blog here:

Please bear in mind this has been encoded as 8bit H.264 for Vimeo and is not fully representative of 12bit raw, though not too far off! Very important – Please do not judge image quality from the streaming version DOWNLOAD the high bitrate 2.5K file!

Cameras in the shootout:

Blackmagic Cinema Camera (Version 1.1)
Panasonic GH3 (Pre-production V0.5)
Panasonic GH3 (Hacked with EOSHD 80 ALL-I patch)
Sony FS100 (latest firmware)
Sony VG-90
Canon 5D Mark III (ALL-I mode)

Music by the wonderful Manchester band New Order – the video version on iTunes is a real treat:

      • The EOSHD Blackmagic Cinema Camera Shootout – 2.5K Version


BMCC 2K, Comparision

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