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Set in London, a pair of tourists lost in an unfamiliar city gradually realise they are being watched.

Telephoto at it’s core is about paranoia and how it can corrupt everything- from a fractured relationship where the trust has been broken, to the inescapable feeling that you are being followed.

Shot using hidden cameras with the film’s leads Tom Sawyer (Lead: Fest-Evil) and Leonie Schliesing (German-French Actress) interacting in character with members of the public, unaware of the filming.

We used the Blackmagic 4K for the majority and the 2.4k for the last few scenes. Shooting out in the public no one was aware what we were capturing and the places we filmed in London are notoriously impossible to film in. A testament to the design of the classic Blackmagic Cameras.

      • Telephoto – Short Film


BMPC 4K, shorts

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