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Finally got round to editing some BMPCC & Anamorphic Zoom footage from my recent trip to Bosnia. I mainly used a Nikon 28-50mm f/3.5 with ISCO Widescreen 2000 and 0.58 Speedbooster but there are a few longer shots with a DSO FF58 with 2X Oval aperture on its own. Really liked the SB/Nikon/WS2000 combo which gives me a 35mm-55mm FF HFOV equivalent f2.0 zoom. Sharp throughout the range and reasonable distortion. There is slight vignetting / shading at 28mm, It’s less wide open, almost gone. This lens rotates with focus so I’ve added a rotating 52mm filter thread to mount the scope and a cheap flash arm to hold the anamorphic straight – this works remarkably well while keeping my rig light for walking about.
Got the bus from Croatia into Bosnia and had a couple of nights in Mostar before heading up to Sarajevo. While in Mostar i ran into the brilliant Swiss street artist @Klerfaris (instagram) who was commissioned to work on one of the destroyed buildings downtown – she was happy for let me film a bit of her working. Check out her website to see more of her work:
One thing I’m finding with the ISCO WS 2000 is that it doesn’t seem to be a true 1.5x stretch, it looks more like 1.4x to me and that’s what I’ve gone with in the edit. Might be this particular lens combo or the effect of the speedbooster (there’s a lot going on before the light hits the sensor). I have used a Tamron 0.5 Diopter and a Sigma 1.33 Diopter for closer shots and you just need to adjust the stretch for what looks right. like most things anamorphic, its not an exact science!
Anyway id recommend Bosnia wholeheartedly. Awesome place, Awesome people.
Shot on
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (ProRes HQ)
Nikon Nikkor 28-50mm F/3.5 AIS
0.58 Metabones Speedbooster
ISCO Widescreen 2000 MC 1.5X Anamorphic
DSO FF58 2X Oval Aperture (Amber tint)
Graded in
FCPX with FilmConvert & GorillaGrain

      • Mostar and Sarajevo – Pocket Anamorphic



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