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Camera: blackmagic cinema camera 2.5k
Lens: helios 44M-4, canon 35mm
It is 2005. The show took place at Konar Province in Afghanistan. During the “Red wings” operation, the four men Marines got the task to detect and eliminate the criminal group and its field commander – Ahmed Shah, who were bedeviling the coalition and the region itself.
However, a successful landing and the discovery of the essential goals were interrupted by an unplanned event – the Marines accidently found the old man and two teenagers on the relevant location. So it was the time for them to make the fateful decision – to resolve these civils and to continue the mission or let them go, putting the outcome and their lives into the death cage. This true story constructed the basis for the feature movie “Lone Survivor” in 2013

      • Lone Survivor


BMCC 2K, shorts

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