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Tilta’s ES-T07 was designed specifically for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (and now the Blackmagic Production Camera as well, as they have the same form factor). This handheld Blackmagic Cinema Camera Rig provides the stability, control and accessory mounting options missing from the bare BMCC camera body.

The wooden handles provide a firm, unwavering grip on your Cinema Camera, while the Record Trigger enables the camera’s record function, without having to remove your hand to press the record button on the rear of the camera. 15mm rail and Rosette systems along with a multitude of 1/4-20″ mounting points, provide a means to mount a variety of accessories including a Follow Focus, Matte Box, On-Camera Light, Audio or Power Solutions, a Shoulder Mount, or Articulating Cinema Arms to your Cinema Camera rig.

ikan Corporation is the current North American distributor of the Tilta product line. Product and Purchase information available at

      • ES-T07 Blackmagic Cinema Camera Handheld Rig by Tilta


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