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Footage actually provided by: Gunleik Groven

Original R3D can be found here:

Sorry for the mix up. Getting my footage mixed up and 4 coffees didn’t help.

This is just a very quick grade on a single shot R3D from an Epic. I’m not sure when it was shot but it looks like sunset but I might be wrong.

The goal was just to add some warmth to the overall shot without tweaking the skin tones too much.

Note: If this was a real grade you’d definitely want to spend a few minutes cleaning it up. The most glaringly obvious problem is the halo around the guy’s head in node 2. If we clean up the matte and the corresponding window we could fix that up eventually.

Also, be very careful, the outside node works but only in certain situations. In shots with movement you can see the problems. I’ll try to post some moving examples when I get a chance. It isn’t always a good solution.

Hope this helps.

      • DaVinci Resolve: Sunrise Grade

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