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Brief overview of several NEW Camera Rigs built specifically for use with the Blackmagic design Cinema Camera.

Featured Rigs include:
• Blackmagic Baseplate Kit: ikan ELE-SBP: EV2 DSLR Baseplate

• BlackFly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig:  ikan ELE-BCKFLY: BlackFly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig

• Blackmagic Adjustable Top Handle:  ikan ELE-BMC-HDL: Blackmagic Adjustable Top Handle

• Tri-Fly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig : ikan ELE-TRIFLY: Tri-Fly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig

• CineFly Cinema Camera Shoulder Rig: ikan ELE-CNFLY: CineFly Cinema Camera Shoulder Rig


      • Cookin with ikan | Blackmagic Special

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