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Going a step closer with the Cinema Camera, Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media focuses on how 12-bit RAW compares in relation to 8-bit alternatives, including many camera solutions costing much more. The difference between “perceived dynamic range” and “available dynamic range” is explored in detail. Also covered is day-for-night, detail versus sharpness, and much more.

Some questions have arisen as to why a LOG curve wasn’t used (or if it would help) for the 8-bit source (amongst others), I created a blog post on the topic to answer any questions that might be regarding:

For best results, view this video in FULL 1080 HD, and even better yet, download the original 15Mbps H.264 file with less compression artifacts.

This video is a follow-up to the last video, “Comparing the Cinema Camera and 5D Mk III” found here:


      • Comparing the Cinema Camera: Part 2, The Impact of 12-bit RAW


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