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I’ve created a FREE 4 part video series called Color Grading 101.

Since Black Magic Design released DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite powerful color grading is now accessible to all. However if you are moving from layer based ‘looks’ like Magic Bullet , then there are some key differences when using Resolve.

I’m a DP first and so wanted to share my journey into color grading from the point of view of a shooter. I believe that it is now more important than ever that we learn the power of color grading so that when we are making on set decisions it is with the knowledge of what can and cannot be enhanced in post.

*UPDATE* This tutorial features a colour grading control surface from Tangent Devices – Everything I show you van be achieved using the mouse – but you can only make one change at a time and it will take you much longer- also watching me use a mouse would be boring- If this offends you then please don’t watch the FREE videos. I don’t want to keep having to explain that if you intend to colour grade beyond slapping a look on something then a panel of some description is a very good investment. It allows you to work more efficiently and therefore achieve more creative control. Thanks for you understanding.

The panels I’m using are from Tangent Devices

You can learn more at

      • Color Grading 101 – Part 1, Getting Started in resolve 9

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