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BMCC VS Blackmagic Pocket Camera

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from A Couple Of Night Owls A quick little "test" to compare the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to the Pocket Camera. Same lens (Canon 35/1.4L) on both cameras and the Pocket Camera was mounted on top (and beside) th...

Canon 5D mark III RAW vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera RAW

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  from cinema5D   See the related article on cinema5D: This is how we hacked the 5D: Today we already published a test video of the impressive Ca...

BlackMagic Cinema Camera vs Red Scarlet “The Essentials” Fight Club Part 2

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AValive Sales and Rentals Part 2 of a series comparing the Black Magic Cinema Camera VS the Red Scarlet Camera.This video focusing in on the needed essentials to operate both products in order to ...

Hair and Skintone Test

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A simple Hair and Skintone test. We wanted to test the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera to see how it performed with skintones and hair. We used the Sony NEX-FS100 and Canon 5D MK2 as known refrences for comparison. ...

Blackmagic Cinema Camera and T2i

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First project I've shot on BMC. Simple EPK style interview. Set up a T2i on the side to compare- interesting results. What's clear is that Canon has a very different philosophy for image capture- even with the relativ...

The EOSHD Blackmagic Cinema Camera Shootout – 2.5K Version

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Full article: A joint production with Slashcam in Berlin this shootout is designed for those with 2.5K displays or pixel peepers to download the or...

Comparing the Cinema Camera: Part 2, The Impact of 12-bit RAW

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Going a step closer with the Cinema Camera, Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media focuses on how 12-bit RAW compares in relation to 8-bit alternatives, including many camera solutions costing much more. The difference betwe...

GH2 versus BMCC

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Comparing the Cinema Camera & 5D Mk III

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After several DAYS of trying to upload this video to Vimeo, we've ultimately had to reduce the bit-rate compression down to 18mbps (Vimeo recommends 5mbps, ha!), which is down from our minimum quality level of 40mbps....