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Art by Julie Young

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Brian Millbrook A interview with artist Julie Young. Directed/Filmed/Color Graded/Edited by: Brian Millbrook Interviewer: Justin Battle Sound: David Jones Filmed in 4K prores 422 HQ on a ...

Video Review: Blackmagic Production Camera 4K vs. Canon 1DC

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from cinema5D See the full review on cinema5D: Music: Steven Gutheinz - With the leaves Music provided by themusicbed:


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This documentary short film shows the inner mind of a poet, a poetic self portrait of himself. He finds comfort and peace with loneliness in a world he sees as untrustworthy and chaotic. This short was made as part o...

Thailand with Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

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from Antti Vuori A quick compilation of some of the first footage shot on the long-awaited Blackmagic Production Camera on a trip to Northern Thailand. Rough grade in Premiere with Filmconvert and curves. I'm r...

Spring in Parma

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Filippo Chiesa BMPC 4K ProRes test. The BMPC is making up for all these months of waiting. Exceptional color rendering, detail, UHD Pro Res HQ, global shutter, excellent DR, complimentary...

Art in Ink

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Brian Millbrook Interview with tattoo artist Devan Smith. (@DSMITHTATTOOS) Filmed on Blackmagic production camera 4K Graded in Davinci Resolve 11 Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Directed/...

Review Part 2: Blackmagic Production Camera 4K in the field

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from Johnnie Behiri Read the full review here: UNGRADED version here: A big thank you to Thomas Strini who was up to the task of helping with this review in zero...

Telephoto – Teaser Trailer (Short Film)

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Teaser trailer for upcoming Wild Street Production "Telephoto". A short film about tourists lost in London who gradually realise they are being stalked. Starring Tom Sawyer, Leonie Schliesing & Jonathan Ow. ...

The Drummer | Blackmagic 4k

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from Wicked Bee Productions Shot in 4k Film Mode 400ASA Rendered in 1080p FCPX

Cat Skin

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This is a screen test shot for the to be made feature film Cat Skin. Cat Skin is a feature film telling a coming of age love story. It follows the intimate tale of Cat and April and their journey of finding each ot...

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