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In this movie I am going to test the low light performance of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
It is no secret that this camera was not made for low light…so for me the purpose of this test is to learn more about how to use this camera. I shot the same scene at each of the available ASA settings 200, 400 and 800. This was shot prior to the firmware upgrade that gave us RAW so, it was captured in ProRes HQ at 24 fps in Film mode. I then graded the clips in DaVinchi Resolve. My scene is purposely using mixed light. So I am interested in several performance factors here. I want to take a look at the noise in the background as it transitions from gray to black. I’m also keeping an eye on the bokeh coming from the light string in the background. I want to see if there is any halo from Bert’s outline as I evaluate the contras. I’m also interested to see if there is any shift in skin tone. The final piece of my scene that I’ll be evaluating is the flame’s halo in the foreground. This movie will be uploaded at full resolution in case anyone is interested in downloading it from my Vimeo channel and it will also be available in 4K on my YouTube channel. Thank you for watching.

      • BMPC 4K Low Light Test


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