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A quick little “test” to compare the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to the Pocket Camera. Same lens (Canon 35/1.4L) on both cameras and the Pocket Camera was mounted on top (and beside) the BMCC so any differences are really the difference in sensor size and any differences inherent to each camera. You can notice the skin is different to the two, and i think you could match them just shifting the tint in the offset but i didn’t want to do that here to show the differences. I really just added my LUT to these files and for the shots of Auckland city i pulled the exposure down a little using the offset control in the log tab. I apologise that the BMCC wide shot is not level, but it was freezing outside i was trying to move quick. 😛

I’ve attached some pics down the side so you can see the setup as well.

Download the original files to play with here:

      • BMCC VS Blackmagic Pocket Camera



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