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Blackmagic’s announcement of the Pocket Cinema Camera at NAB brought about a number of questions about the new device. Here at Film Live, we want to get your questions answered so Mat headed back to the Blackmagic stand to speak to Stuart Ashton, who was able to answer some of your questions.
Sensor + Crop factor-
The BMD PCC uses a super 16 sized sensor and MFT lenses have a crop of 1.3x-1.4x. a guide to popular lens convertions is also shown.
Recording Options
Required media is class 10 SD card, these are still super cheap and the BMD PCC records either Prores 422 or a ‘RAW’ Cinema DNG. This format is not the same as used in the 2.5 or 4k cameras. and uses about half the data rate of Prores.
At this price point a ull copy of Resolve is not included but Da Vinci resolve Lite is Blackmagic’s HD software and can be downloaded free of charge from the Blackmagic website, and is the perfect companion for the Pocket Cinema Camera.
Unlike the other BMD cameras the PCC has removable batteries which offers approximately one hour of use and is a standard Nikon battery.
pre-orders available right now from resellers, and all information can be found on the Blackmagic website.
Shipping in July. BMD assure us that the same schedule slips will not happen again.
We hope this show has helped answer some of your questions. If there’s anything else you want to know, send us a tweet and we’ll send our reporter Mat out to get the answer!
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      • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – Your questions answered
      • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – Your questions answered


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  • Avatar of Thor

    That crop factor statement is patently false.
    Crop factor is ALWAYS referred to as a comparison to full frame.
    It is always based on sensor size, not lens mount or lens type.
    MFT has a crop factor of 2x compared to full frame.
    Super 35 has a crop factor of 1.3x.
    Super 16 has a crop factor of 3.4x.
    The BMPCC has a Super 16 sized sensor, so its crop factor is 3.4x and not 1.3 like this guy said. Not sure where he got that number. Even if you compare Super 16 to MFT, the crop factor would still be 1.7x.
    As with all small sensor cameras, the BMPCC’s biggest problem (aside from the softness it will surely have due its 1920×1080 RAW only resolving about 700 lines) would be the crippling lack of proper wide angle lenses. The 7-14 Panasonic is great, but almost as expensive as that camera, and with the crop factor is really a FF equivalent of a 24-48.
    That said, I’m still getting one of these. I just don’t like misinformation being spread. The logo on his shirt notwithstanding.

  • Avatar of bmcc

    Hi Thor, thanks a lot for your comment. I am pretty sure the factor being discussed here is in reference to an MFT sensor. So the panasonic 8mm lens on the pocket cam will be about 11mm lens.. Still a bit confusing cause as you said since we are used to refer to the crop always in relation to full frame.