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First project I’ve shot on BMC. Simple EPK style interview. Set up a T2i on the side to compare- interesting results. What’s clear is that Canon has a very different philosophy for image capture- even with the relatively flat Cinestyle profile the image looks way more saturated. It’s incredibly easy to get a usable image with the Canon system. BMD has gone in a much different direction; everything about their camera is optimized for the post workflow. At the end of this video I did a ridiculously rushed color adjustment using only the 3 way color corrector- essentially just increasing contrast in each clip. I also increased saturation on the BMC and decreased saturation on the T2i. I like different things about both images. Even in the prores mode, the BMC has a lot of range- you have a lot more control over the image and with time to actually grade the footage, the BMC should look much better… however, the BMC Is likely going to require more time and attention to get the best results.

The BMC earned its comparatively premium stripes yesterday, however, when at the end of the shoot I was able to connect the SSD to my computer (on set), back up media, play back circle takes instantly in FCP and demonstrate some reference grading options for the clients. Arguably you could do something similar in Premiere with the DSLR footage, it’d just take longer.

      • Blackmagic Cinema Camera and T2i



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