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There doesn’t seem to be a month gone by where we haven’t seen the release of a new high-end video camera. Never has there been a more exciting time in the digital video production industry for professionals to have such a wide range of choice for their shooting device.

2012 saw one of the most exciting camera releases … The Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. (See specs below)

With its film like image at 13 stops of dynamic range, this camera has got everyone talking. For the first time, never have we seen a camera that produces results such as this, at an affordable price.

But like every good thing, the Blackmagic camera has its short falls.

Ben Cannell, DoP, and Ian Gibbons, Owner of Panvista Productions, visit Teddington to get hands on with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and like others in their field, they are asking the same question … is this camera a good investment?

Ben and Ian find out if it’s right for them.

BMC Specification

ETHICS. This video expresses the views of Ben and Ian who make their own personal response to an investment choice that will or will not fulfill their needs. Please do not base your purchasing decision solely on what you hear in the video.

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