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This BTS film was commissioned by Blackmagic Design to be shown in conjunction with the film A Night At Nine Lems made by James Tonkin for the 2012 European roadshow tour. The brief was to test the Blackmagic Cinema camera in a real world shoot, with minimal lens, grip and shot over a single night on location at New Covent Garden market. All shot in ProRes FILM to demonstration workflow with FCPX. I was charged with shooting the BTS documenting how the shoot came together.

I challenged myself to shoot largely with Prime Lenes and all hand held- this was to see if you can use the BMCC as a valid hand held documentary rig. Also we used no additional lighting, again to test the camera entirely using available light.

Camera: Blackmagic Cinema Camera (EF Version)
Lens: 11-16 Tokina, Zeiss ZF.2 18mm f3.5 , 25 f2, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4
Grip: Zacuto BMCC Rig
Post: FCPX & Resolve.
Den Lennie – Shoot, edit, grade
Alan Witts – Music
Paul Moss – Trader
Mohan Randhawa – Shopper

      • A Night at Nine elms

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    Awesome video, I had some questions about your gear. In your description you said it was a zacuto bmcc rig? Is that the “striker” from zacuto’s website? It looks different to me.

    What type of slider did you use? I liked the tripod setup that was with it.

    And audio setup?